Gear List

Gear List
Photo by Jeremy Yap / Unsplash

I have been slowly upgrading the gear I use to make my videos on my YouTube channel. Here's the gear list in case you are curious!

Studio Setup

I have a bunch of other inexpensive things like desk arms and a small collapsable softbox on one of the lights. If you are interested in links for any of these let me know!

For a computer, my daily driver is an Apple Mac Studio. I added this Satechi hub underneath and popped in a Samsung PCIe 4TB SSD to expand the storage so I have plenty of room for editing. The SSD and hub are fast enough to edit 4k 60fps 100mb video with no issues.

I was very skeptical of the Stream Deck at first. In practice I have found it extremely useful. I can tap a button and set the lights to daylight spectrum and brightness. Tap another button and it sets the lights for recording (color, temp, and power) as well as setting the audio devices up correctly. I do find it kind of sad that I can't just assign these scripts to run without the special keyboard, but oh well. If you don't want to spring for the big one but want the software/hardware stuff as a combo check out the Stream Deck Mini.

Outdoor Setup

I originally was going to take the Sony ZV-E10 out to shoot outside. Now that I'm shooting at least one video a week in my studio, I decided to go ahead and get an A6700 to take outside. Among many other reasons, the A6700 is water resistant, which is kind of big deal living in the Seattle metro area.